How To Setup A Karaoke At Home With Google Chromecast

By Paul Santiago
Karaoke Hacks - how to sing karaoke at home with a chrome cast


Hey guys! Welcome to Karaoke hacks!


Today I’m showing you how to build and setup your very own karaoke machine at home and connect it to nothing but your old LED TV and computer speakers! You are going to love me after this episode!


Create the cheapest karaoke setup that money can buy using my personal setup! 


Build the best karaoke machine at home and never spend for chip upgrades or newer models… EVER!


The secret… a karaoke mixer, Google Chromecast and your iPhone!


Hey guys, welcome to Karaoke Hacks! Today, I will show you how to build and set up your very own karaoke machine at home and connect to nothing but an old LED TV and your computer speakers. You are going to love me after this episode.


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Karaoke machine at home this coming up right after the intro.


Okay, this tutorial is for people who have an old TV and computer speakers. These speakers don’t need to have subwoofers with them. But as long as you can plug them in with a power cord, you’re good. Everything that will be mentioned here will have links in the description. So watch and listen now. 


Let’s go to the audio kit. First thing you need is an RCA stereo cable. RCA is the one with the white and the red end. So let’s call this Cable One. The next thing you need is a 3.5 millimeter female to RCA male will basically use this to convert the computer speaker cable into an RCA. So let’s call this Cable Two. Next you need a unidirectional microphone. The key for this one is make sure that it’s at least 15 feet long so that you could walk around and jump up and down. You can do anything as long as you have a long cord.  


Next the karaoke audio mixer. This is the key ingredient. It has a bunch of inputs and switches which I will try to discuss later at least the important ones. 


Another thing you need is a Google Chromecast or any cast device as long as they could cast whatever you play from your phone tablet or computer now, let’s get to the actual setup.


Actual Step-by-Step setup 


Step 1. Hook up the Google Chromecast or the any cast to the back of the TV and you need to look for the HDMI port in this case. I’m plugging it into HDMI 1 and after plugging it into the HDMI port, you need to look for a USB to power up this baby to connect your Chromecast to the internet. I linked the separate video for it and the link should be in the description below. 


Step 2. Now, we need to go and plug the RCA cable, which is Cable One. Again, this is going to be in the back of the TV for TVs in general to be able to amplify what you’re playing on the TV. Next, you need to look for audio out for this TV audio out is in the form of RCA.  So just match the colors and you’re good.


Step 3.  Grab the Karaoke Audio Mixer and take the other end of cable one and plug it into the music in port on the back of the mixer. Make sure to check TV audio out to mixer music in. 


Step 4. Take the audio cable of the computer speaker and plug it into Cable Two – you’ll know which end is which because they look very different.


Step 5. Now you look out for the other end of the cable to which is the RCA and plug it into the back of the karaoke audio mixer (out). 


Step 6. Plug in the Karaoke Mixer and switch it on – green means go (quick tip). There’s a music volume button on the back to control the music level so that you can mix it well with your singing.


Step 7. Plug in your mic to the mic one port and turn it on.


Now you’re ready to Boogie make sure that those two speakers are on the opposite sides of the TV to have a better audio experience.


Turn on your TV. And hit the source button on your remote and make sure to choose the HDMI input where you plugged it in earlier. That is HDMI 1 You will see Chromecast power up and you’ll know when it’s connected to the internet when it displays a wallpaper of someplace we’ve never been.  So grab your phone, tablet or computer and make sure that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi that your any cast is connected to. Open YouTube hit the cast button. It’s the one that looks like a Wi-Fi signal is beaming from a TV. It’s going to ask you which device to connect to. In this case, I named my Chromecast as Guest TV. Click on the desired device – YouTube.

Go back to YouTube, click on search and type in whatever artist or song title you want but make sure to add the word karaoke in the end. 


The best part about this setup is that there’s no more additional spending if you want newer songs. No more chip upgrades are newer models you’ll need to buy. YouTube has the largest database of karaoke songs that are generously provided and updated by different channels for free. Thanks for watching!

Here are the only things you'll need!

Karaoke Mixer
Google Chromecast
Wired 10ft Microphone

"Oh, and one more thing..."

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