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By Paul Santiago
Karaoke Hacks - best karaoke microphones on amazon

Enjoy your life make an appointment with your family take a portable.

Karaoke machine.

Let the laughs begin. We are willing to listen to your ideas.

That did not make any sense.

Okay, let’s look at photos.

Are you thinking of upgrading your current karaoke setup at home?

Or maybe you just want to start with the best like go all out.

Just so when your parents visit you in your house and you whip out the karaoke set up and they hear it and they see it. They’re going to be so impressed. They can’t contain themselves and they’re going to be like this.

Good job.

If that’s the case in this video, I’m going to show you the best karaoke setups on Amazon that are based on price and reviews.

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This is karaoke Acts.

Of course, we’re going to start out with the king of all Kings the most famous brand the magic sing karaoke machine.

1. Magic Sing E5+



WALMART (Alternative):

They have a 20/20 addition magic saying it’s an E5 + and it has Tagalog songs. It has English songs, Hindi. Hindi Spanish Russian Vietnamese, Japanese Korean sauce the thing I love about this particular product is it’s contained inside so you don’t really need to connect to the internet.

It has 5145 Tagalog and English songs built in to be accessed even Wi-Fi if is not available.

And you could connect to Wi-Fi for a lifetime access of 12,000 plus English songs. No subscription needed.

Here you go. You need to subscribe.

To access the Tagalog Korean Chinese Japanese indeed with the meat of for a one-year card included.

We’re going to try to find out how much that card is.

The magic saying app is downloadable.

In Google Play and Apple Store. I don’t think there’s Google play anymore.

Anyway, it includes two wireless microphones remote console and a carrying bag all of this for $458.

that is the big problem for me because I don’t really wanna.

Spend that much.

And it doesn’t have any speakers.

So yeah.

Okay, let’s look at let’s look at what it looks like.


Looks really good really compact switches are understandable.

I love that. There’s a lot of very technical you could go into the intricate Parts like Tempo. You can change the key. You can change the instrument. I’m sure.

Okay, just like what we talked about. There’s Wi-Fi. There’s an app real-time music notes.

okay supports full HD HD TV And as a USB flash drive, I don’t know what that’s for, but I’m going to try to find out so there’s two USB flash drives. I’m assuming these are for the songs if you want to play but I’m sure we could try to take a look at this a little bit more.

Let’s see what’s here.

That’s a lot of songs.

I think I think with Magic Sing It kind of save your time with looking for songs because if if I’m right.

It’s either their app or they still have that booklet where you can just go look for a song and they type the number in and you know with the these are a lot of songs for for the price. I mean if you really like singing then you’re probably going to want to consider this.

Can you change the tempo of the song?


HDMI cable Okay, now let’s look at reviews.

top review Easy to use Easy to put together it was I was going to wait for my husband but too excited to try it. So I did it myself and I was really amazed videos are so clear very kid-friendly.

I wish the song book is in a hard binder cover.

So these are her photos.

I’m assuming it’s a lady.

Because the she said kids kid-friendly and husband.

In I don’t know that’s a kid.

Anyway, see there’s a there’s a booklet tada.

I think that’s important when you want to consider streaming things. Although I’ve I haven’t really seen anything. I’ve seen when it comes to like backgrounds for karaoke.


now let’s go for The bad review we have to we have to talk about good reviews and bad reviews.

Okay, I bought this product and I was not impressed. The microphones not worth it for the price not happy about my purchase.

Anneliese you need to use punctuation marks This Magic Sing microphones has lots of static and sometimes there’s no sound coming out. I tried to contact the seller and he said send the product back to us in order to fix it. They sent the product back to me almost two weeks and they did not fix the problem.

The one microphone now is not working no sound at all. And the seller is willing to replace a new product.

All I want is to replace To a new but they’re not willing to do it. Don’t what?

The seller is willing to the seller is willing to replace the product and then they are not willing to do it.

Okay, don’t ever buy this product. This is not worth and it’s sellers not willing to replace the make the customer happy. I had don’t understand your review, but it’s good to know.

Let’s look at the three reviews just so it’s a little bit more unbiased three reviews easy to set up but I wish the microphones are rechargeable and the songbook is not hard cover and easy to tear up. Most of the songs are old we use mostly YouTube for most of the time because of the new songs that make kids sing like to sing and not in the songbook and not even in a magic saying app with 200,000 songs. You think most of the data?

Okay, I understand her sentiment.

Ten years ago. I probably wouldn’t but the the beauty of karaoke songs the beauty of having a karaoke system, which has pre-installed songs in it is that you could just go back to the old songs.

You don’t really want to I mean, yeah, you probably would want to sing new songs like super new songs, but you always go back to the classics because those are the the karaoke classics. I don’t know what to do. You think put in the comments what you think about like, would you rather sing new songs for karaoke or if you had to choose put in the comments if you had to choose.

Between singing new songs only or old songs only what would you choose? Let’s go past old songs meaning 9 1999 and older and the new songs from 2000 and newer put in the comments. I would love to know.


Who was that?

Not sure if that’s real or not, but defective unit charge $100 restocking fee.

Oh well, but yeah this one Magic Sing 2020 versions. I’m sure it’s updated.

It’s the King.

This is this is what this is like the gold standard for karaoke people, especially if you want old songs.

2. HIKEP Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Disco Ball 



WALMART (Alternative):

Okay, this one I really like how it looks and I like that the microphone is wireless and I like that there’s disco light and it has lights all over. It’s a hicap Bluetooth karaoke machine with disco ball.

Hoped but wireless speaker for kids adults with wireless microphone for Halloween.

Oh, okay.

Anyway, it comes within this.

This design at this I can like that to multifunction karaoke machine this karaoke speaker comes to the wireless microphone. You can connect with Bluetooth that the da portable and durable karaoke machine is designed good sturdy and lightweight and closer accountable health.

perfect Reverb relation lights with Hyper reverberation lights and lights Nice bass nice speaker.

Okay, I’m sold rechargeable battery. That’s good.

Enjoy your life make an appointment with your family take a portable.

Karaoke machine.

Let the laughs begin. We are willing to listen to your ideas.

That did not make any sense.

Okay, let’s look at photos who wireless microphone included.

The picture has a wired microphone, but it’s okay.

Next immersive disco experience built-in rotatable disco lighting for your party. I love that.

Oh, okay next photo.

I love those lights compatible with gadgets long lasting four to six hours. That’s pretty good. Oh, here’s that photo again. You could use it for anything specially for if you’re doing a lope mints now smaller weddings, you can bring that too.

Okay, this is cool. It’s lightweight.

It’s small It’s contained which means that it’s a speaker and a microphone system in the like the the one previously is the Magic Sing. It doesn’t have any speakers so It’s a little bit more Pro. This is a little bit more.

Poor table.

That’s a terrible joke probably going to cut that out.

Okay. Now let’s look at the reviews reviews reviews.

Okay top review like most others were spending a lot of time at home and it’s hard to find ways to keep the kids and family busy. We picked up this portable speaker karaoke system to Mick think mix things up. The reason we chose this one was due to a few things the Looks rather sizable.

We were expecting good sound quality of this due to the large size. Assuming a large speaker.

The sound did not disappoint great. It was I was streaming music wirelessly from Spotify.

That’s a great idea the surprised at the clarity while at max volume it got loud and there was no Distortion.

The lights is number two.

I’ve never seen something like this where the front speaker grill lights up in the different colors.

The whole front light is that’s School top of the speaker also had a spinning half gold projects disco lights lighting around the entire room. It’s very fun.

Number three wireless microphone.

This was a very convenient as a wired microphone.

Would limit how much we could do as a group the wireless mic is not too heavy. So we’re able to go through songs. Just fine without fatigue when one person is done. We were able to pass it that a da it’s a good mix of features and ease of operability.

That’s cool.

Let’s see the video.

Put up the sound.


so pixelated so it again.

I know that.

Whoa, okay.

So at least you saw a little bit of the light. Oh, let’s see this guy.

That’s cool.

If I would probably turn the lights off, but yeah, that’s pretty cool.

Good dancer, too. Good job, bro.

Okay, let’s see if there’s a bad review.

Okay, three review three-star review.

Okay, but microphone volume not as lat my only issue with this machine is the microphone volume isn’t very loud. You can’t hear the singing as well.

Unless you turn the Mike unless you turn the music volume down. I guess I wanted to sound quality and with music and microphone for the price though microphone quality is not as great. The prices High lights are cute small portable.

I guess for me. I Wanted better quality microphone. This would be great for kids adult karaoke parties, not so much.

I guess you really did not like the microphone, okay?

That’s cool, though.

Let’s see the inputs. I don’t think I look for the eye.

Don’t think it looked for the inputs, huh?

There you go lights.

So cool.

Okay sold.

What do we have next?

3. HIKEP Bluetooth Karaoke Machine with Disco Ball



HOME DEPOT (Alternative):

This is the alternative.

This one has a wired microphone and you could control the lights so you can control the music the yeah, you can control the music you can control the lights.

Alternative I all kinda almost half the price same company.

Yeah, okay 69 bucks.

That’s pretty good.

I want to read the reviews.

Let’s see your abuse.

Great five star review great for your fun party night. The disco ball runs like a charm music is loud. These inside quality that I died one star review waste of money. I’m really unhappy with this purchase. It was $75 at it’s not loud at all the lights only strobe in the connection is always choppy such a waste of my money and I want I really want a refund super sad about it.

I think you can get a refund and it’s still January first.

So if you’re watching this side customer 1 2 3 you should probably try to get a refund.

It’s the do yourself don’t do yourself a disservice do yourself a service?

Okay, next.

4. Karaoke Machine, vamvo VF-301



WALMART (Alternative):

Oh, this is a funky looking one.

karaoke machine van Vo Bluetooth speaker with 2 wireless microphones. It’s $109.

Carrier music with you anywhere you go the mini size 12 by 5 by 6 inches.

That’s pretty small.

It’s like they speaking I’m not going to do that ever again with the weight of only five pounds with two rechargeable why Crow wireless microphones built in Bluetooth 5.0 with the working range of up to 33 feet pretty good has bluetooth auxiliary USB input can record audio as streamed through the microphone to USB TF card insert.

Tessa 30 watt speaker.

It’s pretty good to returnable microphones long lasting battery three of 3.5 hours of max volume and it takes six hours to charge.

Let’s look at the photos.

Oh look at that. It’s easy because you just just put it in there easy.

Like that one, press to remove the vocals freely drawn into your music world.

Does that mean you chargeable battery to the DA working time of the four hours three and a half hours max volume?

Is it why would you sing like that like you’re drinking?


Oh nice, you could put the phone on the top.

That’s cool.

It looks so weird, but it’s a great price.

Let’s look at reviews.

five star review Oh, I like this let’s do this the best 100% very good.

Karaoke when I buy it. I’m a little bit scared if it’s not good because it’s small but man.

When I got it and testing it, oh my God can’t believe how good it is. The sound is very loud. And the echo of the mic is pretty good.

And the the sound of voice it comes as pretty good. I can’t believe it. That’s why I buy this because I’m going on vacation and I’ll bring this and it’s very easy to carry very lightweight only what I don’t like is there snow holder to hold when you carry it, but all of this the best route, microphone, so can you do it with your friend or us but okay, let’s do this.

Let’s watch this video.

That’s cool. You can fit an iPad or tablet.

I like that. You can have your drink right next to it.

Pretty safe.


Thank you so much MW Walsh.

Please next time consider using at least a period or a comma when you type anything because I almost passed out reading your beautiful beautiful review.

Now, let’s look at a not so happy customers review.

Oh, okay three stars defective.

I need the cell. To reach out to me to check what is wrong with this machine. I have only used this for four times in every 30 to 45 minutes. If using it.

It keeps cutting off and connecting to Bluetooth.

What seems to be the issue.

Okay, September 1st 2020.

I would really suggest it that you try to return it and maybe get a new unit back so that you could redo your review and make us all happy and it’s just so the seller gets five stars.

But pretty good solid looking product. All right, let’s look at what’s next.

5. Portable Karaoke Machine – Singsation Star Burst




Okay. This is the portable karaoke machine sink station Starburst system. It comes with two mics works by bluetooth. I think they’re both wired microphones.

But the reason why I chose this is because it’s 79 bucks. It’s cheaper still has those lights just like the other one, but these ones the lights are cuter.

It’s Looks more a little bit more refined.

Maybe that’s just me that’s buttons are on the side and the volumes here.

It looks a little yeah, I kind of like how it this one looks it’s it look sleeker.

two mics included for duets Okay, and then the color changing lights they have a video.

Where is that video Let’s see.

Anyone can be a star.

So, let’s see if you can be a star.

That’s cute. See it’s a little bit more refined perfect gift the price and the way it looks.

nice or let’s figure.

Whoa, they have voice effects.


Okay, $70.

It comes into looks the all-black look and the all pink.

Now, let’s look at the reviews.

I read through this own I didn’t but yeah, they have sound effects air horn. Cheers Applause and more. Oh my gosh. This is a great party.

karaoke machine That’s awesome.


So many anyone can be a star anyone can be a star voice effects enjoy hours of Fun by transforming your voice and singing or telling jokes with the 100 with one of the five professional quality voice effects, including Echo baritone, alien and more how a professional Okay, let’s look at reviews. Oh my gosh, first review on top one star buyer beware. This is a super cheap piece of china garbage.

Do not spend good money on this for $50 more you could get a ten times better unit. It’s no bigger than a bread box and made with cheap plastic buyer beware one star Accusatory hopefully untrue, but okay, you gotta trust the reviewers.

Five five star review amazing light show Great Sound. We were hosting a Halloween party for our daughter’s dance team and we needed a karaoke machine for one of the activities. We had planned we went with this one because we are we also needed party lights and this model had them built in this was super easy to set up Pax great sound it comes to microphones previous karaoke machine only came with one.

You were able to find karaoke songs with lyrics on YouTube. The girls had a blast using it especially being able to sing Duets lights were very much brighter and colorful and we had expected one of the dance moms who stayed for the party ordered one for herself by the end of the night.

Amazing two thirds three stars two stars not worth $100.

It is okay. If you are in a kitchen sound isn’t loud at all. Mics are nice.

Why kitchen?

All right.

So consensus is at least where the lower views sound is not loud.

But overall 4.3 of five pretty good, okay.

whoo, this one nice karaoke machine for adults and kids big one that you there’s like a There’s this where you could put the tablet on it charge. You still have the lights you still have this and these I like these these are cool.

Very DJ looking set up.

Very good. Very good.

Very good.

Micro SD auxiliary.

You can plug in your phone. It has an FM radio for a hundred and ninety-one Bucks.

That’s $200.

but there’s six easy ways to connect.

Holds a portable construction. Let’s look at the reviews want to see the reviews for this one.

Okay, so happy with this purchase five stars while I was not expecting this nice of a karaoke machine. I’ve purchased a couple in the past for my kids, but now they are older. I wanted to buy a more professional machine after reading reviews a lot of system pros and cons and decided to invest some money in purchase this machine kids love it and setting up was the easiest thing as soon as I turned on. My phone’s Bluetooth. It was able to connect. You did lie, and the Mike worked like a charm and here they are.

That’s cool.

It’s like they’re having fun.

Now. Let’s look at lower view to Stars.

Nothing looks really really good, but the lid is horrible.

I don’t know if that’s AI don’t know if that counts is a two-star review.

If you’re a little hater.

Oh, well hundred ninety-one bucks.

The beauty of this is when you when you buy on Amazon, you could buy the protection plan, so.

And it’s returnable for a long time.

After using it for a long time, okay next. Oh this I think we’re at the last one.

6. Karaoke Machine – Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System & Party Machine




WALMART (Alternative):

The peace that he see Stones the karaoke machine sensation.

Remember that cute one with the nice lights.

This is the same brand and it’s a hundred and thirty bucks.

This looks like a winner.


Karaoke system Party Machine performer speaker. I like this because It has a stand and then you put the mic on their lights are still there. They’re speaker built-in speakers to speakers.

This is so cool.

microphone with the 10 inch cord you could go up to six feet tall. It’s pretty good.

nice Wireless or Bluetooth or you can plug in your headphones.

Mike One mic, too.

That’s cool.

10 different effects including harmonize high pitch low pitch chipmunk and many more sound effects.

Good do air horn cheers DJ scratching a live this Sensations coming up with all these like really nice sound effects. That’s pretty good.

That’s cool. I like the way this looks now. Let’s go for the reviews.

Five star reviews about this karaoke machine for a big 30th birthday party because our DJ that we had booked for that night cancel owed us the week of the party.

Karaoke was the theme I decided to spend close to what I was going to pay the DJ and get a little better machine.

If you’re paying your DJ a hundred bucks and he bailed on you that’s on you because you get what you pay for. No DJ is going to charge a hundred bucks.

At least not the good ones. I really had a huge number of reviews on all of the systems that I viewed in this system had the most positive reviews. I need to add to the positive review.

Video enhancer is fun. All they have a video enhancer you playing talking with us as a spring vacation compact looks nice.

Sounds nice.

Okay, let’s go for the one star review.

Basically a really poor quality speaker with a microphone and Bluetooth capabilities would not recommend at all. Our first unit would not turn on after one use sent it back the unit makes we sent it back for a replacement the unit makes you sound completely tone-deaf despite trying all settings, my friend and I had nothing close to professionals when we sing into the mic. The tone is so off had some weird effects that are useless basically a poor quality speaker. So basically if you just want to sing, I think that’s what her point is if you just want to sing you don’t want to have fun.

Don’t get this but if you want to have fun get this one.

Thanks. Thanks for the review.

So that’s it could put links to Alternatives.

All of these are going to be in the description, but I could put Links of Alternatives. Like if it’s only wired microphone I could give you a link to a wireless microphone that you could use that’s really good coming up with new videos.

So stay tuned. Thanks for watching.

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Thank you so much for watching and I will see you on the next video.

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