The Most Common Karaoke Mixer Questions

By Paul Santiago

If you have this Karaoke mixer...

...then you'd probably have at least one of these questions!

Welcome to Karaoke Hacks. I’m your host Paul. And today we are going to actually just making a really quick video to answer the most frequently asked questions.

At least I’m going to try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Who the most asked question for me is what do I do if my TV doesn’t have an auxiliary out. It doesn’t have a 3.5 millimeter out or an RCA out which is those two are called analog outs and you need to convert to digital before you get into the mixer, but most of the TVs or at least some of the TVs that people have they don’t have analog outputs.

So I always tell them to look at the back of the TV and look for a digital out which is also called an optical or a Toslink out. And this is what it looks like. See your TV will have if you don’t have an RCA out if you don’t have this or a Five millimeter out.

This is the other one that you look for.

That’s the optical out see digital audio out. So once you find that one you look for the cable you attach the optical cable and you buy one of these this is the solution this pretty much converts your output digital output into an analog output. So when it reaches this mixer it has to because this mixer needs to be RCA it needs to have RCA inputs.

So you go from TV, which is this one digital TV digital out to the converter:

So it’s a digital to analog converter and it goes from you attach the TV cable to this one to the toslink cable and then you attach the RCA cables and front. This is what a toslink cable looks like.

You attach these cables to this mixer which is going to be audio in the back of the mixer. So quick recap if your TV doesn’t have an analog out. It should have a digital out which is an optical cable.

It’s going to say either.

Digital audio out or Optical so that means your TV doesn’t have a analog out which is I think it means that it’s a little newer so you go from there to converter and then from converter for the digital to analog converter, which means you plug in TV digital to analog to karaoke mixer because the karaoke mixer is analog so you plug it into the karaoke mixer and then karaoke mixer into the sound bar.

So if your TV doesn’t have an analog output, meaning it only has OPTICAL/ DIGITAL OUT, here is the sequence:



Karaoke Mixer

Sound bar

So now the second question that I usually get is what if my soundbar doesn’t have any analog inputs or it doesn’t have any RCA inputs or 3.5-millimeter inputs.

So I always tell them to go to the back of the soundbar. Our and look for the optical n so it’s kind of like this one at the back of the if you don’t have an auxiliary in this is the next best thing.

Okay. I would love to have my soundbar to have RCA ends and auxiliary in an optical in that’s the dream but not all soundbars have that they only have this one. This is optical in so you attach what if you have that and you don’t have this if you don’t have the auxiliary in then you need This one. This one is the opposite of the other converter this one converts analog to digital.

So you get your tv RCA or 3.5 millimeters as long as it’s plugged into the karaoke mixer, which is this one, and then from the mixer, RCA to the converter you plug it here, and then this out goes into the optical input of the soundbar.

So if your TV has an analog output, but your Soundbar doesn’t have a digital input, here’s the sequence: 


Karaoke Mixer


Sound bar

Does that make any sense? Hopefully it does I’ll try to answer questions.

If you have any questions leave it in the comments below if you have any opinions if you’re like someone who specializes in audio, I would love for you to tell me if this is a good setup if this is the most ideal. You’ll set up for this product. I would love to know we just help us out. I really appreciate it.

The third most asked question for me is can I just use my Smart TV and bypass the Google Chromecast or anycast device in theory?

Yes, you can as long as you are able to generate an output of audio from your TV to a cable that needs to go into the mixer if you can. Project audio out to the mixer then either way if your TV is not smart or if it’s analog it’s not going to work. You need to be able to project audio out mean how would you know, you could attach headphones to your TV and you can hear it from your headphones because that means it’s external audio. If you want to know more you could go to this article. has a great article about streaming Stakes get a smart TV. Without getting a smart TV so pretty much you’re going to just add something to the old TV and make it digital.

And once you there are so many options here like you could get an Amazon Fire TV stick you could get if you’re an Apple user. You can get an Apple TV 4K, right? Look at that. If you’re an Android User you could get a Google Chromecast with the Google TV. There’s a new one if you’re on a budget you could use Roku and this is what they’re saying in the Best streaming soundbar is the nebula soundbar, which I’m going to have all the links in the description below so that you can just easily get the products.

This is a really great article. I’m also going to put this link to the article to the description. So if you have more questions about this karaoke setup, or if you have any questions about your karaoke set up hit me up put it in the comments, or email me at karaoke hacks at

I would love to answer them.

And I’m going to post their more of like updates to newer devices and just I’ll try to help you out so that you could get an educated decision when it comes to buying these karaoke setups.

So that’s it for today. Thank you for watching this video and for liking and subscribing to my channel.

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Let’s make this quarantine thing a Dream by staying home and just keep singing you.

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If you’re curious about how this setup goes, you should check out this Karaoke with a Chromecast tutorial below!

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