Karaoke Mixer Review: Sound Town Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System

By Paul Santiago

Are you thinking looking for a karaoke mixer + wireless microphone system for your home? Sound Town Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System might just be the ticket for you!

In this post, I will be going through the features of the product and do what no one else has done, I gathered the 3 star reviews of the product and put them all in this post. Why 3 stars you ask? Why not? insider.com said, “For more accurate, useful reviews, recommends one expert, start by reading the ones that are middle-of-the-road, about three stars” and I couldn’t agree more!

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Sound Town Wireless Microphone Karaoke Mixer System, Supports HDMI ARC, Optical (Toslink), Smart TV, Media Box, PC, Bluetooth, Soundbar, Receiver, AUX (SWM15-PROS)

Sound Town SWM15-PROS
16 Channels Wireless Karaoke Mixer System – Upgrade Version
The Sound Town SWM15-PROS is a compact karaoke microphone mixer system. It comes with dual-channel, 8 selectable UHF frequencies per channel (16 channels in total) and is interference-free. The HDMI, 3.5mm (1/8”) input and output connectors and built-in Bluetooth make it easy to connect with various devices including TV box, smart TV, home theater systems, receivers, speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, notebooks, tablets, and more.

The microphone receiver and sound mixer enables you to mix mic signal with music without using an additional mixer. It comes with two wireless microphones and can support two wired dynamic microphones (not included). The rotatory control knobs can swiftly adjust the volume of your music, microphone, echo and tone to the desired level. It is ideal for karaoke, DJ music and house parties.

VERSATILE COMPATIBILITY: The SWM15-PROS‘ multiple input / output connectors including HDMI ARC, 3.5mm and optical combo output enables it to be compatible with a variety of devices including smart TVs (HDMI ARC needed), home receivers, soundbars and etc.
HDMI ARC FUNCTION: Please check the pictures for CEC/PCM setting guidance. Please help make sure to enable your TV’s CEC and choose PCM as audio format under expert setting on the TV. The HDMI ARC on the SWM15-PROS karaoke mixer allows you to extract the audio from the TV to the mixer. This allows the mixer to blend the music and vocal, and send the mixed signals to a soundbar or amplifier (HDMI cable is not included)
AUX/OPTICAL COMBO: The Audio Out port can be served as either an AUX (3.5mm Jack) or Optical output (with the included AUX to Optical adapter). It supports a variety of sound bars like Bose 300/500/700, Samsung, Vizio, etc.
EASY-TO-SETUP: With up to 16 selectable frequencies and independent volume controls, the karaoke mixer system supports up to 2 wireless mics or 2 wired mics (not included) and its operation range is up to 100 feet line-of-sight
INSTANT KARAOKE FUN: The SWM15-PROS system comes with adjustable echo and tone controls for more Karaoke fun. It allows you to mix mic signal with music without using an additional mixer and is perfect for Karaoke, DJ music, house party and speaking.

Let's see what they said!
Story: I bought this to replace a mixer analog setup that I would run with laptop setup. I needed something that that would work with a SMART TV with ARC to minimize wires. This was it. It took a bit of tinkering but I will give all my trouble shooting tips. ARC Connection Issues – ARC HDMI not communicating with SWM-15. This issue is with the ARC HDMI device on your SMART TV and not the ARC Input SWM-15. To fix this issue you must reset the ARC HDMI Device in your TV. I have a Samsung 58 6 Series 4k. What I did was power down everything and then unplugged all devices from the wall outlet. Let it sit without power for 15 minutes. This reset the ARC device on my TV. After plugging everything in worked. Getting Sound Issues – Follow Sound Town directions to make sure your smart TV turns on HDMI-CEC and Input output Sound is PCM. Make sure your smart TV is outputting the sound from HDMI Source and not your TV Source or Optical Source Delay Sound Issues – My Samsung 58 6 Series 4k TV has an feature where you can adjust the delay. I fixed the delay issue by tinkering with this setting on my smart TV. It did the job. PROS: – Great for in home use (See other thoughts) – Digital Sound no more analog. though if you dont have optical you have that option of AUX (Analog Sound) – Minimal Wires – You can add an additional 2 1/4′ wired or/ wireless mics to have a total of 4 mics. – Comes with echo and tone CONS: – Mic are plastic and cheaply made (See other thoughts) – Power is 5v from micro USB which I had to turn up the volume higher than expected (Might cause distortion) – One mic came with a partial fading LCD. (See other thoughts) Other Thoughts: – This equipment is meant for home use only. So the quality is going to suffer a little bit compared with other. – The mics does its job with in home Karaoke but you can tell after hooking up a good mic to the SWM-15 the sound is night and day. – I would have returned the whole unit due to the fading LCD on one of the mics but I didn’t because its too much time consuming and it still worked. The fading mic looked like it was a return. – You will need a powerful home AVR to power this due to the 5v for the unit For the price of 100 bucks it does the job well. I wont be going back to my small mixer” – Amazon customer