Karaoke System Reviews: Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone

By Paul Santiago

Thinking of getting a good karaoke microphone + mixer combo but you don’t know if the reviews are good enough? We’ve got you covered! Below is a brief description of this awesome system and then afterwards, the a collection of 3 star reviews that we’ve gathered from different places where this particular product is available. We figured, why go through the trouble of going to different sites when you can have all of the things you need in just one post?

And yes, you saw that one right, THREE STAR REVIEWS! Why 3 stars? According to Business Insider, three start reviews “…tend to be more moderate, detailed, and honest…” and we couldn’t agree more!

So by the end of this post you’ll see that we’ve collected the best, most helpful 3 star reviews we can find! Hopefully after reading this post, you’d have a better understanding of the product and can make a better decision. Enjoy!

Fifine Wireless Microphone System is great for home karaoke, performance, doing duets and public speaking.

1/4” input for extra wireless mic (not included but could be found from Fifine) to have three mics work together.

Portable receiver can be carried to anywhere for different applications.

Buy and enjoy using this wireless microphone system now!

What You Get
1x Wireless Receiver, 2x Handheld Microphones (Using 2 AA batteries per mic), 1×1/4’’ Audio Cable (L: 39”), 1×3.5mm Audio Cable (L: 59”), 1×3.5mm to RCA Audio Cable (L: 59”), Users’ Manual and Useful Instructional Video.

ATTENTION: This package only contains the wireless microphone system. You still need to have an additional audio device (speaker or amplifier) to output the sound.

!! We do not recommend to use with portable Bluetooth speakers lower than 15 watt, such as JBL charge, Doss touch, Bose.

  • About this item
    Operating Range: 80 Feet. UHF wireless microphone is less likely to subject to interference than VHF microphone.
  • Reliable signal and no worried about the sound will be cut in and out during use.
  • 3 vocalists can sing karaoke together.
  • 1/4 inch input for extra wireless microphone (not included but could be found from Fifine).
  • Separate volume control for each wireless mic.
  • Perfect for karaoke, party, school and church.
  • Adjustable echo effect. Allowed to mix the mic signal with music signal without using an mixer.
  • Compact metal receiver, has stronger anti-interference ability than plastic ones.
  • This wireless microphone system can save space at home and be portable for on the go use.
  • Verified cables allowed flexibility for connections. 1×1/4 inch audio cable (L:39inch), 1×3.5mm audio cable (L:59 inch), 1×3.5mm to RCA audio cable (L:59inch).
  • It could be a karaoke microphone or speaking microphone to meet different purpose.
  • You will get: 1 wireless receiver, 2 handheld microphones, 3 audio cables, 1 power cord, useful instructional video and friendly customer service.

Now let's get to the helpful ★★★ ★★ ★★★★ ★ reviews!

“…I read a lot of reviews claiming they sound amazing.

They sound like karaoke mics. The quality isn’t bad, but it is muddy and tinny in my opinion.

Anyone telling you they sound as good as their Shure mics is either setting them up with equipment I don’t have, or they actually can’t tell the difference… I’m not sure. But my Shurw mics sound much more clear and natural than these. If you want a great vocal mic for performance, this is not it.

If you want something you could use in a pinch or if your just using it to enhance your speaking voice at an event, they’re great.

The setup was super easy. They came with batteries. I did play with the volume a lot at first. You’ll want to play with whether adjusting the sound on your speakers or the receiver gives you a better result. I use a blend of both.

I have a simple 3 channel EQ. It helps a little.

I wasn’t as impressed as many reviewers, but I do think for the price, the quality is good. I wasn’t expecting Shure mic quality, but I have read reviewers saying these were comparable. They aren’t…” – Amazon Customer

“…I am doubtful the system will last long. It works but the materials used are very cheap. (I am an engineer, I know about electronics). The jack ports input/output feel very loose. The 35 mm jacks move around and initially this was the cause of background noise. I put in a better cable and had improved the connection but still moves. I tried the 1/4 jack. Just a bit better.
The system is easy to set up. The sound seems amplify mostly low frequencies. Too bad for the quality of materials – especially connectors. If they wound have spent 50 cents more on better components, I would recommend it with confidence…” – Amazon customer